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Pete Bottomley

Studio Bio

White Paper Games was founded on June 28th 2012.

We're a team of 11 working from our Manchester-based studio in the UK. We focus on creating games with a strong narrative arc. Whether focusing on mental illness like in our previous game, Ether One, to something with more political undertones in relation to immigration and government surveillance.

White Paper Games released its first title, Ether One, in March 2014 to critical and popular acclaim. Ether One was nominated for a Develop award for 'Use of Narrative' & was also a Finalist at Indiecade 2014.

We are currently hard at work on our next title, The Occupation. A first-person, fixed time, investigative thriller sim set in North-West England on 24th October, 1987. The game begins at 3:27pm.

We don’t currently have a release date for The Occupation. We hope to be announcing the date soon along with the platforms the game will be available on.